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what about Blogger?

Having just moved my blog projects from Blogger to aDreamhost Word Press powered solution at palomacruz.com, this thread of conversation caught my attention: Is Blogger the worst free blogging service? From the comments being posted in the thread, the consensus so far seems to be that Blogger is a very useful, appropriate solution.

Personally, I had very few complaints other than it was limited in allowing me some control over my blogs. I have recommended it to friends as a way to get your feet wet in blogging. It’s simple to use, so it doesn’t require a big learning curve, there’s no installation, and there’s no monetary investment. Most of the people I know who are blogging are doing so as a hobby, not as a business.

In his guest post at problogger, Duncan writes:

As a “Problogger” I’ve got to say that I’d NEVER set up a serious blog on a free service.

He’s probably right. Before I became more committed to making my blog projects as successful as possible, Blogger was just fine. Now, I’m trying to leave it behind.

What’s your opinion?

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