It’s the end of the world as we know it

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All of these are signs of the end of the world as I know it... I called Comcast and reduced our cable subscription to the lowest possible that still gives me access to "Defiance," "The Strain," and "The Walking Dead." At the end of the call I'd reduced my monthly bill by $85. I cancelled my Hulu subscription. I decided to empty out my storage room, which means getting rid of accumulated items that have been sitting in that room for three years. I am going to share my brother's … [Read more...]

I didn’t think this through…

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Today, for the first time, I realized that if even if just half the proposals I've put out get picked up, I'm going to need help. I'll need other professionals, people I trust with higher level work. But I'm going to need warm bodies to attend meetings on my behalf, take pics, update documents, and pretty much just do assisting work. I'm going to need an assistant. That's a scary thought. I don't have the slightest idea how I'll do this. If the proposals get picked up. If I start getting … [Read more...]

More proof that God hates me

I spent the day yesterday making a road trip to visit my niece at her university. This is supposed to be a nice thing,  I think.  Regardless of the family drama,  it was a nice visit.  My niece is glowing,  she's so happy at her new school.  It was great to see;  I'm so proud of her. Did I mention that I volunteered to drive me car? On the way back a rock hit and cracked my windshield.  It has to be replaced, there's too much damage for a repair. The cost won't be covered by my … [Read more...]

You want me to tell you what?!?!

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Is there a polite way to tell people to back the frack off and that what they're asking is none of their business? Yeah, I didn't think so. At a breakfast this morning someone I barely know grilled me for 10 minutes on the retirement plan at work. And I was polite, I really was. I answered her questions as vaguely as I could, growing increasingly irritated at her more pointed and less polite questions as they came my way. And at no time did she realize that she was being intrusive and … [Read more...]

I didn’t plan that!

As if I needed further proof that God hates me... I bought a DSLR camera kit. I'd been lusting after one for quite a while but I couldn't justify it to myself. I own a very nice point and click I bought mid-2012 that produces very nice shots. But I really really wanted a DSLR camera. Christmas sales exist to make my life difficult. Amazon had been listing an "everything included" sale on a Canon Rebel T5i that literally had everything I ever wanted, including a long-range zoom lens, a … [Read more...]

Smart Shopping in October

I don't need anything new. I rarely do. I'm one of those people who buys new canned food when I still have at least one of each in the pantry. I buy sodas when I'm low. I buy new pants when I notice the ones I own are starting to show wear. The same with shoes and other things. I don't like to run out of things. I don't like to suddenly reach for something only to find that it's not there. Yes, I know that's a little OCD, but I've made peace with who I am. For those of you who aren't … [Read more...]

I’m not spending my money!

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A year ago my nephew received lots of money for his birthday. He couldn't have been less impressed with it; money wasn't real to him. He didn't understand what you did with it, didn't understand that it was useful. He handed it over to his mother without a moment's hesitation. Less than a month later, for Christmas, he was thrilled to get money in a few envelopes. "Wallet cash" is what he called it, i.e. cash he got to keep in his wallet instead of handing over to his mother to go into his … [Read more...]

Do your homework, then buy the car

Something I should have done before I bought my car, "Get a Free Vehicle History Report Before You Buy a Car." I'm not having trouble with it, but I still should have done my homework. I didn't. I also didn't buy the economical car I had planned on buying, but that's a conversation/post for another day. It's not a surprise, not something that I woke up and discovered one day, but I am not very practical. Except I am very practical. Except when I'm not practical at all. When I approached … [Read more...]

Proof God hates me


See this spot? That's what's left of me trying to clean my favorite Coach bag. That's what happens when I buy a new pair of jeans and don't wash them first. The jeans left a jean-color stain on the side of my expensive purse, which I tried valiantly to clean off. That's not the worst part. The worst part of today's new-jean debacle is the jean-colored stains left on the very beige leather seats in my just-owned-it-a-month car. There are blue streaks on the driver's seat. Blue streaks in my … [Read more...]

I am buying a car

2013.07 Used Car Lot 4498853087_6de97996c1_b

After quite a few false starts, I think I am finally ready to buy a new car. Well, not "new" but new to me. I've known for a while that I need to retire the clunker I'm driving. I just haven't wanted to make the decision. (That's true of a lot of things lately, I just don't want to deal with them, so I don't.) My poor brother tried to get me to speed up this process. He looks for some good used cars and took me looking (and test-driving) a few times. He didn't get that unless I am ready, … [Read more...]