“Bitten” is coming to SyFy

2013.12 Bitten bookSo, for those of you who are fans of Science Fiction, and all its subgrenres, Bitten is coming to the SyFy Network.

Bitten is the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Written in first person, Bitten follows Elena Michaels as she’s called back home from the life she’s trying to create in the normal world to the life she has tried to leave behind. Elena is a werewolf, reportedly the only known female werewolf in the world, and she’s not one by choice. We learn that Elena was turned without consent and without knowledge by the only person she trusted, her boyfriend Clayton Danvers.

Please don’t let this Harlequin-sounding plotline turn you off. The writing is exceptional. I got the sense that I understood Elena, even if I didn’t always agree with her flawed reasoning. And the fact that the entire book happens in her voice, in her mind and from her perspective, is genius for this type of book.

I am a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre, which basically means books about supernatural/paranormal/science fiction that are set in the “real world” instead of a completely made up one. Think Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and yes, even to an extent, Harry Potter. Books that take the world we see everyday and add witches, vampires, werewolves, angels, faeries, creatures from outer space and things that go bump in the night. Armstrong’s series is one I recommend without reservation.

2013.12 Bitten showI’m always more than a little apprehensive when one of my favorite books is turned into a television show or a movie. I almost always hate it. In fact, it’s gotten to where I try not to read the book if I know a movie is on its way. I always enjoy the movie much more if I go in ignorant of what the original author wrote and not what the screenwriter or director created as an interpretation.

This caution is especially evident when there’s a strong female character. I love Elena especially because she’s trying so hard to delude herself about what she really wants and what her options are. Ultimately, she is Clayton’s mate, his equal, and, eventually, the pack alpha… but that’s more than a dozen books into the series, and a lot of spoilers.

I have read that the show isn’t a series so much as a 13-part serial covering the first book. Regardless, I am going to watch because I am curious.

The show premieres Monday, January 13, 2014 10/9c on the SyFy Channel.

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Small FYIs for those of you who have been waiting to hear about how my soap opera of a life is going. I’m no longer telefunding. I quit that to do something much more interesting. I’m actually working weekends as a video monitor. Basically, I watch tapes of the news and write down who said what about whom and in what context. They’re paying me to watch television. Isn’t that too cute for words? I’m sure that it’ll get boring after a while, but at least people won’t be cussing me out when I interrupt their dinners to ask for donations. And I don’t have to work evenings.

I’ve actually gone on a few real interviews. That is, interviews for full-time jobs that would, hypothetically, pay me enough that I wouldn’t need a part-time job to survive. I haven’t heard back from any of them, though, so I’m going to assume that I haven’t impressed anyone too much.

My current real job isn’t going too well. I have that trapped “I need to get the hell out of here” feeling whenever I’m in the office. It may just be pre-holiday blues or cabin fever or something. Or maybe I’ve just been there too long. The longest I had ever stayed at one job before this one was a year and a half. And that was part-time while I was in college. This is my third Christmas with the university, the second in my current position. I need to move on. Now I just need to have someone hire me.

On the plus side, I get one and a half weeks off, from Christmas through New Year’s. These days are paid and do not count against my vacation days. It’s just a perk of working for the university.